Saturday, October 12, 2013

365 Comics...280: Avengers Arena #16 (2013)

Oh, we're getting so close to the end, and I just can't wait for it.  I want there to be a new issue every week until the story is done.  My fandom for this book has grown exponentially since hopping aboard with issue 3 and I'm feeling ever rewarded with each new issue.  Even reaching back into Avengers Academy has made me appreciate this series even more.

I was nervous with the awesome Francavilla front cover spotlighting Cammi (hey another "rocket girl" image, with the rocket properly placed on her back), my personal favourite character of the series, hoping that it wasn't a spotlight issue for her, because a spotlight issue so often ends in death.  Mercifully, no, it didn't happen.  But the kids all seem to be getting so aggro with one another at this point, which in series time is day 29 (of 30).  Arcade's back in play as Deathlocket and the surprisingly still-alive Apex start messing around in his underground layer, but he's still more than a match for these two terribly inexperienced and untrained, erm, heroes?  Still not quite sure what's going on in that bunker or in the arena altogether, but with two issues to go it's not long now to find out.

A reader in the letter column (love this book's letter column) suggests that Hopeless should write a Braddock Academy series, which I would definitely read, and that the Union Jack/Pete Wisdom pub crawl from issue 13 should be expanded into a mini-series by Cristos Gage...  I really, really want to see that.  A superhero version of The World's End. Do it Marvel.

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