Saturday, October 19, 2013

365 Comics...290: Fables #134 (2013)

I don't remember what the last issue of Fables was that I read...maybe issue 88 or so with Mike Allred on art duties.  But I gave up before that.  Once the big war ended -- which was what the entire series was driving towards -- the series felt like it was spinning wheels, directionless. 

My wife is still an avid reader and fan, so I still get to admire the pretty covers and every so often flip through an issue to see if anything piques my interest, which it rarely does.  This issue, though, appeared as all talking heads stuff, a prolonged conversation between two characters, standing out even more as the backdrop deteriorates into nothingness.

Beneath a beautiful Mark Buckingham cover, Boy Blue meets Bigby in Limbo to discuss the afterlife, resurrection, the past and the future.  It notes back to many incidents and plot points I missed not reading the  serires, like Bigby dying, or the religion formed around Boy Blue,  but it's still largely an accessible read, not bad for a series 130+ issues strong.

I always liked Buckingham's style, particularly his characters, and with his luscious forest limbo fading to white as the characters talk, it puts greater emphasis on what they're saying.  And those last few pages, even without fully knowing the context, were kind of amazing.

Thos issue actually promises big things in its future... I may have to pay a little closer attention.

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