Saturday, October 12, 2013

365 Comics...277: The Manhattan Projects #15 (2013)

I'm loving the Manhattan Projects more and more with each issue, except when the focus turns to Oppenheimer.  I'm not digging the red-blue war happening between the infinite Joe and Rob Oppenheimers in his brain.  I just kinda don't see the point, or relevance.  Oppenheimer seems to be having a generally nominal effect on the proceedings of the series (despite seeming so crucial in the early goings) so I'm wondering why I care at this point.  That said, for the first time there's a fill-in artist (or is he the new artist? I dunno, I haven't been reading the ever dwindling comics blogosphere as of late) and Ryan Browne does a bang-up job of rendering infinite Oppenheimers at war, keeping on-model with regular series artist Nick Pitarra while allowing his own style (which reminds me much of Ming Doyle's work on Mara) to come through.  Of course, so much of this book would be nothing without colourist extraordinaire Jordi Bellaire's phenomenal use of a duochromatic palette here, rendering everything in only blues, reds and gray.  It's a striking book to look at even if it's a shrug of a read.  I'm ready for the next issue.

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