Saturday, October 12, 2013

365 Comics...279: Smallville Season 11 #18 (2013)

One of the things Smallville the TV show rarely did well was action, mostly because of budget limitations, but also the focus of the show was always more on melodrama.  Brian Q. Miller's season 11 has shifted totally away from melodrama opting in favour of being an action comic.  This issue is just gratuitous action all over the place, and it's glorious.  Gun fights, magic blasts, demonic explosions, giant monsters crashing through buildings, fist fights, zombies going smush, lightning, helicopers exploding, humvees crashing, tornadoes ... just action, action, Action Comics starring Superman, Wonder Woman, Cameron Chase, Lois Lane, General Lane, Steve Trevor, Mr. Bones, Hyppolyta, Felix Faust, Hades.  I love this's probably my favourite on the stands right now, and that's kind of embarrassing to admit, given it's source material.  If there were a consistent artist on the series, I'd probably feel a little more at ease with that statement.

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