Tuesday, December 31, 2013

365 Comics...365: The Auteur #1 Premature Release (2013)

Knowing I was going to New Year's Eve festivities this evening I tried late last night to find a book to read that would be a suitable conclusion to this theoretically daily experiment of mine.  But, nothing beside the bed nor on a thorough search of Comixology seemed suitable.  Hey, I just launched into 365 Comics without warning an I should just go out the same way, eh?

My original intent for 365 Comics was multi-fold...
- a writing exercise
- a motivator to read and engage more with my comics
- a vehicle to look back at older comics I had purchased but never read, or haven't read again for a long long time
... but I didn't have a mission really, just read comics and write a few thoughts about them.

Over the past year there were a few trends I can acknowledge... like a profound love for Smallville Season 11, a fascination with dead universes, an attempt at collecting the entire run of Action Comics Weekly, James Bond and Oz fascination, a resurgence of kids comics, and more comfort with reading digitally (though I doubt my digital purchases are even 10% of my annual purchases... but it's also the source of so many more free comics than IRL).

Over the past 365 days,figuring that I purchase on average 9 new releases  a week, and I've picked up a few hundred more back issues and dozens of trades, I've probably read around 1500 comics this year (and I figure that's a conservative estimate).

Of all those books, I'd say The Auteur is one of the ones I liked the least.  Crass and all too obvious in its attempts at being provocative, to me it's just trying too hard to be outrageous and scandalous, and the excesses to which it  goes don't really entertain so much as cause me to roll my eyes. 

I've read Rick Spears' work a couple times before but none of it has really engaged me.  I keep trying and it keeps failing so I guess it's just time to give up on him.  He's obviously not a writer for me, nor is this book .

As for 2014... I have an idea called "Series Minded" wherein I read a complete run of a series (or large portion thereof) and comment on it as I go through it.  I'll do a test run in January of Crystar:The Crystal Warrior and seehow it goes. 

Happy New Year

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