Saturday, December 21, 2013

365 Comics...351: G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files #9 (2013)

On the seventh day of Christmas, my comics gave to me...


seven word titles: "The House Always Wins: Heart To Heart"
 (trying to force this week's comic pull into a seven days of Christmas theme might have been easier if I spent a little time figuring it out instead of doing them in numerically ascending order...)..

So it ends, Mike Costa's insanely awesome GI Joe/Cobra series that has made me more of a GI Joe fan than any other Joe thing previous, and I'm a product of the heyday of Joe action figures.  It's been a bumpy ride... starting as a mini-series (cowritten with Christos Gage), and three further relaunches, Costa's Cobra output covers approximately 50 issues (+/- 1 depending on how you count a couple GI Joe zero issues) and nearly 5 years (most of those with artist Antonio Fuso).  Though the cast and focus have shifted from series to series, Costa redefining the book with each relaunch, it has a consistency in tone, of dead seriousness, bad people doing their bad things, and good people trying to stop them (and succeeding if only by getting in their way enough).  Through these 50-ish issues Costa has shown us good guys and bad guys, good guys teetering on the brink of becoming bad guys, and bad guys struggling to become good guys, and then just guys who are just all too easily manipulated.  It's such a great run and brings all the Joe codenames into a believable light.  I would love to see any iteration of G.I. Joe: Cobra come to screen (big or small), but most of all I would like to see Costa and Fuso continue with their shades of grey spy story.  Maybe more is coming?  One can hope.  Afterall, it's Christmastime.

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