Sunday, December 29, 2013

365 Comics...362: The Powerpuff Girls #4 (2013)

For Christmas I bought my daughter the complete run of Powerpuff Girls on DVD, a decision based solely on her enjoyment of this comic book series now only 4 issues deep.  But, I think it's become her new favourite show, and it's surprising how unaged it feels.  Oh sure, the early seasons have an aged look to them, but ithe content plays well with any era and any generation.  I also realized that its entire six season/70+ episode run will have cost less on DVD than the first story arcof this comic series once it's complete.  These are the kinds of things you try not to think about as a comic buyer (try to remember it's economies of scale, too, comics would be cheaper if more people read 'em).  But I have to say, having mainlined a lot of PPG since XMas and having reread with my daughter today Troy Little's run on the book so far, Little has nailed it.  In fact, this ranks as perhaps the biggest PPG story next to the movie... if not bigger.  Either Little is s big fan of the show or he's studied it really intimately.  So many references and allusions, but mostly subtle, in the background-like.  Great stuff, and my little one loves it.

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Jenifer Jeny said...

I need to say, having mainlined a considerable measure of PPG since Xmas and having rehash with my girl today Troy Little's run on the book as such, Little has nailed it. indeed, this ranks as maybe the most amazing PPG story alongside the motion picture.

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