Friday, December 20, 2013

365 Comics...349: Zero #4 (2013)

On the fifth day of Christmas, my comics gave to me...

five sound effects:

For a 24 page story that has 13 pages of action, fighting and car chases, it's surprisingly light on SFX, which I think actually works in its favour, not overburdening the page with many words once the action kicks in.  Here are the five sparingly used sound effects:

THUCK  (3 instances)
FWIT (1 instance...probably not a needed effect)
KRAK (5 instances)
THUD (1 instance)
THUDDKKK (like a combo of THUD and THUCK...1 instance)

Also... this issue has 2 links yo the same file...what is it? I don't know, I haven't clicked it yet.

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