Tuesday, December 24, 2013

365 Comics...354: The Massive #18 (2013)

on the 10th day of Christmas, my comics gave to me...

10 second guesses as to whether I'll continue reading the Massive or not.

-I mean, I like the series conceptually, the who after-the-cataclysm thing
- but then it's sometimes very slowly paced and I'm uncertain if it has actual direction
- but I do also like that in this methodical pacing we really get to see and understand the world as it is conceived
- but I'm wondering, if like Cougartown, the Massive has outgrown its title, since the series' original impetus was supposed to be about the crew of the ecoterrorist ship the Kapital looking for its sister ship, The Massive, but this quest hasn't really been front and center at all over about the past year
- but then, like Cougartown, it's grown beyond existing for one single purpose, and instead world builds and character builds
- unfortunately I don't like many of the characters of the series, nor do I find the main character Callum Israel all that engaging
- its more the characters that come and go with each arc, and how the main characters interact that I enjoy
- but I just want to know that this is all headed somewhere and I'm not getting much sense of direction
- even still, each arc continues to deliver a captivating story
- but is it enough, particularly in light of the events I discussed a while ago (365 #334) surrounding Brian Wood the creator?

Ultimately I guess we'll see how the next issue fares, whether it hooks me or if I'm ready to let it go.

Meanwhile we jad our own little Crash here in Toronto with an ice storm crippling the city for two days and then taking out power lines by the dozens, leaving hundreds of thousands without power in the freezing winter.  We were fortunate to only be down for 24 hours, others have had over 65 hours (so far) without, so it's a rough lead in to Christmas and a potent reminder of mother nature's superiority.

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