Friday, June 21, 2013

365 comics...171: JL8

JL8 is a daily-ish web comic about the Justice League as 8 year olds.  It's adorable and entertaining, often funny but it really lives and breathes because of the characters (Bruce, Clark, Diana, Hal, Barry, Karen and J'onn).  Writer/artist Yale Stewart definitely uses some shorthand with these well-known characters but really gets into inhabiting their minds as 8 year olds.  His Diana is as good as anyone who has ever written the character, and his constantly bickering Hal and Barry are delightful.  The series is 131 strips long so far, originally starting as a 4-panel style but very quickly using us many panels (or pages) as it needs.  Stuart abandons the straight newspaper strip joke structure in favour of storytelling, including dealing with schoolyard bullies, Diana's birthday party and the Clark /Diana/Karen puppy love triangle.

Its a really sweet and addictive read.  It fills the Tiny Titans gap but in a much different way. I think I'll load it up for the 11 year old tomorrow to read.  It's for everyone.

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