Saturday, June 1, 2013

365 Comics...151: Dazzler #14 (1982)

<p dir=ltr>With Dazzler popping up in the latest Uncanny X-Men, I thought I'd check out an earler adventure of Angel whazzerface.&nbsp; You know, you know of a character for so long, you think you know them, and I was probably 5 when I first saw an issue of Dazzler at my cousin's house (for some reason s great many of his comics had a "Whitman" logo rather than the proper DC/Marvel corporate logo... I've always meant to figure out what that was all about), so it feels like I've known her my whole life, but truth told I suspect  Dazzler #42 (365 Comics #98) was actually the first comic I've read with her in it.  Beyond her look, I know very little about her (alter ego: Angel Whazzerface. Powers: I dunno, human glitterball?)

This issue lays it out that she's a singer on the cusp of making it big time, as she uses her mutant powers to wow and, er, dazzle an audience, instead of being an X-Man and fighting bad people, which she probably winds up doing a lot of anyway.  Here she squares off against a brainwashed She-Hulk (who's shredded neglige is easily the more offensive wardrobe over the deep-vee neck disco jumpsuit and mirrorball rollerskates) and acquits herself just fine. 

Less impressive is the Blue Shield, an anti mafia vigilante (who in real life is an undercover agent posing as a mob enforcer) upon whom the wholly coincidental plot hinges.  The Blue Shield... who the eff is this guy?  He's a bit player in this title it seems but does he make it out of this series into the Marvel U at any point?  He's pretty tragic looking, more like something out of Red Circle comics of the time thsn the house of ideas.



Adj said...

Alison Blaire. Not sure where you're getting this 'Angel' business from :)

Graig Kent said...

A character in the book calls her "Angel" twice so I just figured that was her name... I guess it's just that tacky nickname dudes used in comics in the '70's.