Monday, June 3, 2013

365 Comics... 153: Action Comics Weekly #602 (1988)

Sure signs that ACW #602 was made in the 1980's

Green Lantern: Star Sapphire downs a fighter jet and hands the ejected pilot a phone book which he gives to GL; Coast City White Pages

Wild Dog: reporter Susan King shows her boss her latest lame report about how nobody has seen Wild Dog for a long time... and the chief presses ''STOP" on a VHS player
Deadman: was sexism an 80's thing?

Superman: actually everything Curt Swan draws looks like it's from the 60's.

Secret Six: "There's a cassette player somewhere-- Can'tcha hear it whirrin?"

Blackhawk: Actually, this one is set in Singapore in 1947 but has an unforgettable Rick Burchette illustrated sequence where Blackhawk fights a bunch of dudes but he's fully in the buff having had his bath interrupted.

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