Monday, June 24, 2013

365 Comics... 174: Quantum & Woody #3 (1997)

The first arc of Q&W concludes with a delightful amount of superhero farce with the odd couple tweak.   Priest wants you to engage with the characters but this is first and foremost a comedy book.  Straight-out superhero comedies (not lampoons or spoofs) are rare, and really good ones even more so. 

But beyond really digging the book, I'm getting an eyeful of 1997's Valiant reboot, and you know, it doesn't look all that dissimilar to today's Valiant.  Acclaim basically bright in a creator-friendly EnC in Fabian Nicieza and a lot of great upper-mid-rung talent (Augustine, Peyer, Kaminski, Delano, Velluto, McKone, Eaton. Maguire etc) and let them loose on the properties (or with Troublemakers, Quantum & Woody and Trinity Angels, let the creators make their own).  There's some curious stuff in the mix like Waid & Augustine's ore-shot "Operation: Stormbringer" about a Nazi X-O armor or Jamie Delano paired with Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard (I knew him as X-Files Charlie Adlard back in he day) on Shadowman.  I might have to go dig out some of this stuff from the quarter bins at the next con.

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