Monday, April 8, 2013

365 Comics...98: Dazzler #42 (1986)

So I'm in the middle of reading the final issue of Dazzler when... what the fu...

Cap's gonna star in a broadway show...
...and maybe you can star with him.

If you're a girl between 10 and 14 who can sing, dance and act up a storm , you might just be the person Vap's looking for!  He neefs a bundle of talent to play his very special friend in Captain America(TM)  -- a musical spectacular due to hit Broadway this spring!
Then send a photo and background info to:
(Dont bother this was 27 years ago)
Do it today. You wouldn't want to let Cap down, would you?

How bizarre is this?  Putting a casting call in a comic book?  Oh 1980's, you were so cocaine filled.

And a Captain America musical?  I've never heard of it, so either it never came to fruition or it was a miserable failure erased from memory. I'm gonna have to stop reading this Dazzler comic and troll the dark recesses of the net for more info on this most assured travesty.

From the New York Times archive, 1985:

By Enid Nemy (The New York Times); Weekend Desk

April 5, 1985, Friday

Late City Final Edition, Section C, Page 2, Column 2, 1099 words

[ DISPLAYING ABSTRACT ]'Captain America' boasts a hero-sized $4 million budget. IT'S going to be a big one, if everything works out as befits a musical named ''Captain America.'' Big, in this case, means a budget of $4 million - a lot of money, even for a superhero fighting for the American dream, the flag and the woman he loves. The superhero will not, in fact, be particularly super when the curtain goes up. The book by Mel Mandel and Norman Sachs (who are also responsible for music and lyrics) has Captain A. going through a mid-life crisis. Fortunately, the action speeds up - his girlfriend, a candidate for President, is captured by terrorists and held hostage at the Lincoln Memorial. That's enough of the plot - when you invest millions, as are Shari Upbin, James Galton and Marvel Comics and some as yet untapped sources, you're entitled to a few secrets.

Yowza.  It apparently never actually materialized on Broadway (it sounds like it would best Turn Off The Dark in rancidness).

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