Saturday, April 13, 2013

365 Comics...103: Fantastic Four #1 (2013)

After yesterday's reading of FF#1, I was kind of worried that I'd get suckered into the Fantastic Four once again as well.  This issue wasn't bad by any means, but mercifully that didn't happen.

It was the appearance of the Future Foundation kids that I liked most about this issue, and I wasn't completely disengaged from the "family first" message that it conveys, but ultimately, except for Ben Grimm, I still don't care all that much about the other three.  Y'know, even if the Four are going to die (however unlikely) due to some some long-term cosmic-radiation side effect, I'm not sure I care all that much (except the Ben, love the Ben, save the Ben).

If I were to have a Fantastic Four of my own, one based around family, it honestly would be Valeria, Franklin, and Nathaniel Richards (Reed's Dad), and Ben.  I like all these characters far more than any of the other characters in the four.  Kill off Reed, send Sue off to be Namor's queen (finally) and leave Johnny to reality TV and whoremongering.

I'm also not a big fan of Mark Bagley.  He's a good storyteller but his art only ever resonated with me on the New Warriors back in the '90's, and never since.  Here, I had to double check the credit on the book after page 2, because I thought for a second Alan Davis was on art.  But no, it's Davis' long-time embellisher, Mark Farmer handling Bagley's inks which make it so Davis-looking.

So, I'm able to breathe a little easier and scratch this one off any "potentials" list.  I win this round, Marvel #1 promotion.

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