Sunday, April 28, 2013

365 Comics... 118: Morning Glories Vol.4 (2013)

If Lost were to have a comic book counterpart, it would be Morning Glories, including all the positive and negative connotations it conjures.  I, for one, loved Lost (still do) but it was at times a maddening program, one which I found much easier and more satisfying to consume in concentrated doses on DVD than week-to-week.  I watched the first 3 seasons on disc before my need to see more got the better of me in season 4. 

Morning Glories is much the same, where l'm reading it in trades, getting that concentrated dose every 9 months or so, and couldn't imagine how frustrating reading monthly(ish) might be and yet I'm so very tempted to find out.  The waiting for more is killing me, but then I know from reading trades that each issue does not give enough story progress and details and answers to satisfy... a trade barely does soon its own, but its definitely a full experience. 

So much has happened in Morning Glories since the first few issues that it's hard to keep all the twists and characters and open questions straight without staging a rereading of all the previous material.  With this volume, things started with even more confusion as the first half of this oversized collection (oversized for six issues worth of material anyway) deals with a whole new cast of characters, their pasts and their plans, but writer Nick Spencer cleverly weaves their past with the backgrounds of the main sextet of kids while casting parallels between their experiences at Morning Glories Academy.

Spencer starts toying even more with time travel this volume making it reminiscent of Lost season four, we're introduced to a monestary (like in Lost season 6), and if those new kids (who are actually older kids aren't like the others and Abraham isn't Jacob... there are so many broad parallels to Lost but they are very broad, and the real intrigue and excitement of the series is in the details and those are definitely unique enough to keep it intriguing.

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