Tuesday, April 2, 2013

365 Comics...92: Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic #2 (2013)

A digital only (for now) freebie bonus precursor to Brian Bendis' run on the relaunched GOTG series, which is suddenly ace property, top flight stuff to afford a monthly price tag of $3.99 (the ongoing series that is, not these infinite comics).   I was quite fond of Abnett & Lanning's GOTG series, more as a core part of their overall epic Marvel Cosmic storytelling than owing any allegiance to title or character, and the segue into the forthcoming film is a testament to the strong work they did.  I'm a little cynical about this new series because to me it seems to be cashing in on, as well as itself becoming advance hype.  Yet at the same time I recognize that there's A-list potential given its increasing profile so why not put A-List talent on it (Bendis and McNiven are definitely Top Tier).  I guess I just don't see it as top level enough a title for a $3.99 cover price.  But free, Bendis and Ming Doyle.  Sure, I'm in.

Bendis has a handle on Rocket Racoon,nailing the humour, and this would have been a wonderful launch into a solo or ongoing on Rocky himself but I suppose it probably just dovetails into the main GOTG series which means a) I probably want to go read it now and b) no Ming Doyle.  D'n 'A worked with some great artists in their 5 years in front of Marvel Cosmic but none draw RR like Ming Doyle does. 

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