Monday, April 1, 2013

365 Comics... 91: Brooklyn Animal Control (2013)

Here we have a digital-first (only?) one-shot from IDW, 48 pages in length for 99¢.  How good could it be?

Turns out, really fucking good.  It's not a wholly original concept (werewolves live among us, Brooklyn animal control is responsible for policing them and making sure the public doesn't find out... A sort of Men-In-Black deal).  But this isn't a concept-driven book for a change.  Writer J.T. Petty has built a wonderful cast and a richly constructed history to the human-lycanthrope relationship.  His story is constructed with enough character and family drama to be fully engrossing, but he also provides mystery and much conflict both physical and emotional and an appropriate sense of humour without undercutting anything (actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times).

Art from Stephen Thompson is great.  There's so much that is distinctive and interesting  in his character design,.. his close ups reveal such control and understanding of subtle facial expressions (where the majority of illustrators tend to go for broader expression).  He's also got as expert and impressive eye for natural detail.  The flow of his action scenes are a bit jumpy, but otherwise its a great looking book (with masterful coloring from Len O'Grady).

I was confused at the as I understood this to be a one-shot, but the story is left quite unfinished, as if it were but the first chapter (or a pilot, to use TV biz lingo).  But, at the same time I think its a good thing because halfway through this book I already knew I wanted more, and it seems like more is at least in the  plans.

Loved it.

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