Sunday, April 7, 2013

365 Comics...97: Smallville Season 11 #12 (2013)

Am I going to comment on every issue of Smallville Season 11 that comes out this year?  Probably.  Why?  Because it's pretty much the only title that I read that makes me feel like a fanboy.  I like most of the books I read in a given month, and I like to think that I generally let my discerning tastes guide me to worthwhile reading, but none of them delight me as much as Smallville does.  You know I don't care to watch (or re-watch) an episode of the show ever again but I get giddy when I see "Smallville" on the new releases chart on my store's website and I want this to go on as long as Brian Q Miller wishes to write it.

3 things I loved this issue:

1. How much Clark and Bart genuinely love each other, in a brotherly way of course.  "I'm going to build Bart a statue."
2. Superman, Green Arrow and Lois paying Lex, changnesia sufferer, a visit. "For the record, you used to buy nicer scotch"
3. Earth 2 Chloe and the Monitor have a little chat.  "Your body, still roiling with Bleed...the anti-matter that separates all universes."


King Beauregard said...

You're actually making me consider buying "Smallville Season 11". WHAT ... HAVE ... I ... BECOME?

Graig Kent said...

If you're disappointed in the new 52, and you miss the feeling of the old DCU you won't be disappointed. The Batman issues (5,6,7 I think) were incredible.