Thursday, March 21, 2013

365 Comics...80: The Fearless Defenders #2 (2013)

I love a funky cover.

The "carded action figure" cover isn't exactly new (Scud the Disposable Assassin #9 is the example that comes to mind immediately) but I love it, mainly because I love carded action figures.

After reading a couple of pro-femme raves of this title (and thinking recently about what kind of positive comics I could find with female role models with keeping my daughter's comic reading future in mind) I decided to pick up the first two issues.  It wasn't a hard decision given that I generally respond well to Cullen Bunn's writing (so long as it's not Deadpool), and a rotating roster of Marvel's heroines joining the odd couple of Misty Knight and Valkyre (Birds of Prey-style, but very much like a team-up book), and it wasn't a hard decision to check it out.

But really, I'm just sold based on funky covers alone.  Looking ahead a couple issues, #4 has a paper doll cover and #5 has a Street Fighter homage), all from cover artist Mark Brooks, who manages to draw beautiful women, but powerful and unobjectified.

I've also tried out the "AR App" thing that you're finding in many Marvel comics for the first time.  Enh.  Conceptually DVD-style "bonus features" is a good idea, but it's also a financial investment, and I doubt there's much excess money in producing comics.  But crudely animated images with stilted line delivery, cosplayers with stilted line delivery, and editors explaining what a mutant is (with stilted line delivery) isn't making me want to whip out my phone two or three times an issue.  Has anyone found an essential "AR" yet?

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