Monday, March 11, 2013

365 Comics... 70: Animal Man/Swamp Thing #18 (2013)

Over at <a href="">Thor's Comic Column</a> I cover the end of Rotworld, which really ended last month but concludes here.

The ratings got a bit botched in the publishing though, as I gave Swamp Thing a 3/5 and Animal Man a 3.5/5.

What I didn't get to talk about was Animal Man artist Steve Pugh.  He drew my favourite arc of the original Animal Man series, Flesh and Blood (yes even more than Morrison's run, and I think it is largely due to Pugh's art) and I was so happy to see him return to this run on the character.  Pugh is to me the quintessential Animal Man artist.  I think only Brian Bolland, cover artist on the original series could give him a run for that title.

I'm sad Pugh is leaving the book (or being replaced, I don't know which) but last time he and Animal Man parted ways I didn't see him again for a very long time.  He's just too good an artist to disappear like that.  He needs a bigger spotlight.

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