Monday, March 4, 2013

365 Comics...63: Batman Incorporated #8 (2013)

I haven't read it yet.  I was unable to get to my store until the weekend this past week and with all the advanced hype sellouts happened across the city same day.  Sigh, it's frustrating that I basically need to make it to my shop by lunchtime (or sooner) on a Wednesday if I want to make sure I can pick up my full list of titles for that week.  Of course, I could always have a pull list and playing the game of in-store pre-ordering would eliminate these missed opportunities (and also help the store better predict and order its supply) but my pull list fluctuates based on moods and whims and I don't want to stick the store with extra (or feel my own sense of obligation to buy two more months of a book I don't want).  Let's be clear though, I'm not complaining about my store.  They're good to me, always... and I realize that in some respects comics are a gamble that all fans and shops participate in, with or without aftermarket considerations, and you know, as frustrated as I am to miss Batman Inc. #8, a title  I've supported through since pre-New 52 unlike the rubberneckers who stole my copy from the shelf, I now have a new book to add to my hunting list at inflated eBay speculator prices, or go digital...or wait for (ugh) Second Printing.


G Morrow said...

Hi there.

I have a pull list, but I like the feeling of going to my local shop and finding the books on the shelves. It's kind of like a neat surprise each week. That said, I added some books that I was enjoying on a regular basis that I *should* be throwing my support behind because they're a quality product -- Daredevil, Wolverine and the X-Men, Hawkeye, et al.

I added Batman Incorporated, and I'm glad I did because they sold out of the shelf copies an hour after opening, not just because I enjoy it, but because it has the worst logo of any book out at the moment. Three months I skipped past it because it didn't register as a Batman comic.

Anyway, the 2nd print is out next week. And you should get a pull list. The worst thing that'll happen is that you stick with a book past the point you're enjoying it -- Re: Suicide Squad, Dark Avengers -- and have to strike it.

Have a good day.
G Morrow

Graig Kent said...

Oh, I agree. In going to setup a pull primarily for the smaller press titles I like... give them a boost hopefully

And you're so right about that Batman Inc. logo