Wednesday, March 27, 2013

365 Comics... 86: I, Vampire #18 (2013)

Oh, I thought this was the final issue.  Hrm.  I've not been enjoying this storyline tremendously especially in knowing it's the last of the series.  Taking the main characters and doing to them all manner of injustices was a fun twist for a few issues but in hindsight probably not the best thing for the series.  We had just gotten to know Andrew and Tig before they got nasty and detatching the reader from them without making them even all that appealing as villains (I mean they were appropriately evil but not enjoyably so) has made it harder to maintain interest in the long run.

This issue feels like it's rushing to its finish but somehow it just doesn't feel like it's appropriately escalating, while the dialogue here, as in the last few issues, feels more than a little sloppy (the characters are starting to all sound alike, everyone is quippy in a way that doesn't work well with the looming end of the world before them).  Also the series has kind of lost it's handle on how it's characters are supposed to act and how being a vampire affects their personality.

This was an amazing series to start but the last half dozen issues have tapered off in quality. Fialkov has some cool ideas and he can develop charaters well but he seems to be having trouble negotiating the two these last few issues.  Perhaps it's an increasingly busy schedule or a declining interest knowing the series was facing cancellation... or it could be that it's just not working for me.

I kind of wish Fialkov had another arc, if only to see how Andrew deals with what happened to him and all his friends and associates in this one.  Either way, hoping for a much stronger final issue.

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