Saturday, March 16, 2013

365 Comics...75: Sweet Tooth Vol, 4: Endangered Species (2012)

I commented on Sweet Tooth's brisk pacing in previous 365 Comics entries (#49-51) thinking that reading this series as a monthly would be maddening as each chapter seems so quick to read.  At this point in the series (issues18-25) however I can finally see Lemire settling into the monthly swing as each chapter in this volume seems so much fuller than before and there's more in play as well as more to take in.

Also this volume is larger by two chapters than previous volumes so together it seems a lot more substantial than before. Yet it also is less satisfying somehow.  Where the prior three volumes each had a distinctive arc with a definite beginning/middle/ end, Endangered Species feels more like a segment of an ongoing series and doesn't conclude with a satisfying stopping point.  With two more trades (15 issues) left to go its amazing how, only halfway through the series it feels like we're barrelling towards the end point. 

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