Thursday, July 21, 2016

Series Run: The Titans #14

2000, DC Comics

Omen, aka Lilith,has been held prisoner by Tartarus for months, with Vandal Savage using her powers of precognition to form his villainous team and pressuring her into dishing out all the hot gossip on her former teammates.
 She manages to reach out to Aqualad in his sleep (he sleeps in the pool in the Titans Tower basement, and in the nude) and call for help. Aqualad rousws the team (waking up Donna in Roy's bed so I guess Droynna is *still* a thing).  I would love to jote interesting things about the respecive rooms of Damage and Argent and Starfire but guest arist Cully Hamner as fantastic as he is, doesn't paint them with ay exceptionally curious or notable details (though there is plenty of detail)...although Arsenal's room is indicated by a drawing Lian did.  Nightwing left a note on his door.

With Dick out and Jesse gone, there's no defacto leader so the team banters a bit to decide who's in charge of the mission.  Aqualad states his case and really it's only Roy giving him a hard time about it.  But, strangely enough, Aqualad seems ready.  Aqualad is clear, it's an in and out mission, not there to take out Tartarus but just to rescue Lilith (who was apparently a member of Dan Jurgens' Teen Titans with Argent).  The rescue goes fairly smoothly until Lilith (who's really seeming like Raven-red) can't teleport everyone because she's too weak.  Aqualad as leader elects to stay behind and survives only because Tartarus implodes with in-fighting...which was Lilith's plan by suggesting incompatibile teammates with her precognitive abilities.  Kind of a cheap, yet fun way for that gang to go out.

Meanwhile Dick turns to Bruce for advice about his many responsibilities and many many many lady friends. Bruce's advice? "I trust you'll make the right choice." Hilarious. And Wally's back.  Hopefully next issue we get an explanation of who that other guy was (knowing Devin Grayson, she'll have it covered)

Co-written by Brian K Vaughan, after two issues with co-writers I'm actually starting to miss Grayson's off-beat, overly dense story structures.  Hopefully back at it next issue.

Bryan Hitch's cover makes it look like Aqualad is fighting alongside underwater Atoms in their red and blue scuba suits

...and that forced pun feels like swallowing
shards of glass.

Kory in her wetsuit...uh, where has her hair gone, exactly?

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