Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Series Run: The Titans #13

2000, DC Comics

This is exactly what I was expecting after the events of the last storyline, and exactly what I wanted.  

I love when the big battles start revealing character flaws and exacerbate intra-team conflicts which lead everyone to a situation like this, where unity hangs precariously from a thread.  Everything comes to a head here.  Nightwing and Kory are in a bad place, Vic is basically under watch from his friend because, you know, he tried to destroy the world, and Flash just can't seem to sit still.  

Nightwing calls out Flash on his inability to trust them with his identity and secrets and yet, not long after Jesse calls Nightwing out on the same thing (so much for the "Quick-Dick" 'ship) and Jesse Quits..  Donna's about had it with everyonr coming to her with their problems, like she doesn't have any of her own.  Everyone worries Dick is becoming too much like Batman and nobody can stand to really look at him for too long these days.  Roy tries to visit a hospitalized Cheshire with Damage's help (and fails spectacularly in that Roy Harper way).  Vic goes back to visit Sarah but it's Gar who sets him straight.  The DRoynna 'ship is still a thing, but just barely, and there's strong insinuation that Garth married Dolphin because of the baby and that there's some regrets all around there and that maybe a GArthgent (Garth/Argent) affair is percolating.

DeShaun is a regular joe nice guy who's even got superheroes envious of him.
Just an all-around solid TCB issue that propels things forward for most characters.  Grayson is joined by Jae Faerber this issue on the story, which is interesting to note since he takes over the series by the close of its second year).  Fill in on art from Patrick Zircher who had already been kicking around for a few years since the mid-90s.  He's a top notch artist in today's comics world (has been for almost a decade) but he's still growing here so there are still plenty of unclean edges. There are scenes that stand out but it's a talking heads issue which he manages it just fine, and managing a talking heads issue is a true test of an artists ability to keep an audience interested visually.

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Hahaha. "Quick-Dick". How did I never think of that before?