Thursday, July 14, 2016

Catching up on Comics -- Series Run: The Titans #3

1999, DC Comics 

"Introducing Goth!", because 1990's.

He's a horror movie icon, like Marylin Manson meets Freddie Kreuger, and of course Damage being the youngest is way into him and puts a poster up in his new room 'cause "He's".

This issue finds the Titans hanging out, splitting up by gender.  The guys stay in, put on their costumes (because Dick is worried about secret identities around the new recruits) and watch Goth's movies.  I repeat, it's a half dozen grown men in spandex lounging around with popcorn watching --
Hey guys, let's put on our tights and masks watch movies,
you know...a real guy's night in
and getting spooked by-- gory horror films.  Cyborg however is parsing through e-mails (cause the Titans have a public email address for the public to get ahold of them, mostly teenagers it seems) and coincidentally as they're watching the film Cyborg finds that some real-life email-calls-for-help are mirroring the film.

The ladies meanwhile go out clubbing where some rather ominous sounding lyrics pulsate in the background (I never liked trying to illustrate in comics, forcing the reader to put music to lyrics and unless the reader is a particularly good musician or the writer a very strong lyricist, it just comes off as bad music). Starfire is mobbed by fans and Donna freaks out when asked about her past (again Devin Grayson's continuity niggling overtakes the story).  Goth shows up and... something happens, it seems... but it's unclear what.  Is Donna posessed?  Kory? Whatever, really.

Earlier we meet Lian's new nanny who has to precariously board an awkward floating platform to cross to Titans Tower on an island (which I swear wasn't an island in the last two issues...also the tower is a hologram with the actual base being underground, which again I swear it was an actual tower last issue).  Garth pops out of the water, scaring the shit out of her...which I guess is enough for her to confide in him that the dad of the girl she's watching is "massively doable".
Yes, this is how the Titan's welcome visitors to their island...
a lonely pier, at night, on a precarious floating platform
that you have to awkwardly step down on. Titans Go! and help
that poor woman. Jesus.

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