Thursday, July 14, 2016

Catching up on Comics -- Series Run: The Titans #5

1999, DC Comics
Actually, I think Garth is one of Phil
Jimenez's favourites.
Hey, you know what doesn't sell comics?  A Titans cover featuring Argent, Damage and Aqualad ...aka nobody's favourites.  Actually, you put those characters on the cover in some form of dramatic fashion with the caption "Nobody's favourites" and you might actually catch someone's attention.  "Fall for the Siren", not so much.

In the letter column (hey DC, bring back letter columns with Rebirth...please!), they say "we have some special plans for our least-liked duo of Argent and Damage that we hope will change the way all of you feel about them".  Well, at least they're aware of how unpopular they are. Grayson has obviously been setting up Damage/Argent, Donna/Roy and Dick/Kory romances, the second of which comes to the front burner this issue.  I don't get it.  Any of it.

Aqualad fights a mermaid eco-terrorist and hands her over to the DEO, who, very quickly lose her to Vandal Savage.  We haven't seen Damien Dahrk for 3 issues now, but there's three different baddies here.  Devin Grayson's on bad guy overdrive in this series.

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