Monday, August 26, 2013

365 Comics...234: Action Comics Weekly #623 (1988)

Feels like I am constantly playing catch up but rather than my usual excuse of "I didn't feel like it", this time it was really a matter I couldn't for the life of me.  Three consecutive 10+ hours of Fan Expo plus a late night wedding anniversary celebration (six seasons and a movie) meant both no downtime and no energy to read comics (despite being surrounded by them most of my waking hours), never mind writing about them.

Two nights in a row I only got one story deep into my latest Action Comics Weekly.  Even getting through 8 pages proved challenging... but I've done it! Huzzah.

My ''Great Action Comics Weekly Poll" submission for this ish:
1. Phantom Stranger -- creepy demon baby + Jose Luis Garcia Lopez art = winner... seriously, that baby was effin creepy
2. Secret Six -- Ladonna the actress shows of her improv chops... the strangest action sequences yet!
3. Deadman -- exploring the reprecussions of Deadman using other people's bodies.  Wonderful.
4. Green Lantern-- Hal Jordan meets the alien called Priest.  Not long after this, James Owsley changes his name to Priest.  Can't be a coincidence.
5. Superman-- even this week's Superman is pretty interesting
6. Shazam -- in the process of stopping a hostage situation a bad guy is killed.  Billy feels bad.  White supremist subplot shoehorned in feels hacky. Next week "Welcome to Aryan Acres" as Billy infiltrates Hate Camp.

Cover by Murphy Anderson is an odd Superman on a Gargoyl shot normally reserved for Batman.

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