Thursday, August 8, 2013

365 Comics...219: X-Factor #260 (2013)

It's been a couple years since Polaris (Lorna Dane) cropped back up in X-Factor as an active member, but it's just unfortunate that it's really taken until now for me to feel like she belongs in the book.  She's had more than a few spotlight issues in the past 30 issues, but here, as she gets rip-roaring drunk, starts smashing up a bar, and coming to blows with her (half?) brother Pietro(Quicksilver), she comes into her own.  Here's a woman who's experienced pain, all kinds of it, and is tired of dealing with it.  She buries it and lashes out at the same time, kind of a catharsis, with a helluva headache to follow.

It's awesome to see Pietro back in the book (he always feels like he belongs here), and seeing him and Lorna interact is something I didn't know I wanted to see but am so excited I did.
"Wanda never tried to shoot me!"

The end reveal, that "The End of X-Factor" is actually not the end -- it's just the end of this X-Factor as we know it -- is good news even if Polaris is the only carry-over, especially if whomever the new X-Factor creative team is can capture Lorna like Peter David has done here.  I think I've started to come to terms with one of my favourite books ever closing up shop.

Artist Neil Edwards, wow, where'd he come from? Great stuff.  It actually may be Jay Leisten's inks, either way, get this pairing on an ongoing (the new X-Factor?).

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