Tuesday, August 20, 2013

365 Comics...230: Deathmatch #8 (2013)

I caught a look at the November BOOM! Studios solicits and noticed that the 12th issue brings this series to its conclusion.  A 12-issue maxi-series the called it, and a waft of 80's nostalgia - hairspray and crimping irons - rushed past me.  The 80's were really the only time I can recall seeing a series called a "maxi-".  In the year since Crisis on Infinite Earths and Sonic Disruptors and Lords of the Ultra-Realm most finite series, even at 12 issues, have been called "mini-series".  I have to wonder what the difference is... [pause for a something search break]...

"A limited series is a comic book series with a set number of installments. A limited series differs from an ongoing series in that the number of issues is determined before production and it differs from a one shot in that it is composed of multiple issues.The term is often used interchangeably withminiseries (mini-series) and maxiseries (maxi-series), usually depending on the length and number of issues. In Dark Horse Comics' definition of a limited series, "This term primarily applies to a connected series of individual comic books. A limited series refers to a comic book series with a clear beginning, middle and end." Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics refer to limited series of two to twelve issues as miniseries and series of thirteen issues or more as maxiseries, but other publishers alternate terms."

So says Wikipedia. .. but most of the "maxi-series" that I recall have been 12-issues in length.  In fact I don't recall seeing the "maxi-" term used for anything but, nor do I ever really recall any "mini-" series being longer than 12 issues (not with being called a mini series in advance anyway).  Anyway, their scarceness makes maxi-series terribly awesome... and Deathmatch would be an incredible addition tho the nominal ranks of the maxi, if only the had the balls to say it outright on the cover of the book.  

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