Wednesday, August 7, 2013

365 Comics...218: Action Comics Weekly # 618 (1988)

If you'll recall a few weeks back in 365 #215 I introduced you to a couple of costumed atrocities called Castle and Siphon. Turns out, these freaks of the industry were not alone... there's a whole collective of atrociously dressed rejects...

From Left to Right, Stasis and Incinderella join Castle and Siphon for the Crap Costume Ball.

Early to the party was Runaround Sue, a Jane Fonda-esque super-speedster that has been ignored by Flash writers for the past 25 years. Wonder why...

And then there's their leader, Veronica Hawkes, a 1930's-styled, acid-tongued, arched-eyebrowed, corset-constricted dame, here just getting ready to give Green Lantern "the business".

And I quote: "You barge into my factory sans appointment, in that absurd get-up...and yet here I am seeing you anyway. And I NEVER see people unless they have an appointment. Are you grateful? No. Instead you get on your high horse... tossing around accusations a less charitable woman would call slanderous. 'Fraternizing' indeed. You will find that I NEVER fraternize, patronize, simonize, or any of those dreary 'izes' that make make society so annoyingly chummy."


Anyway, my "readers poll" submission for this issue:
1. Secret Six (the good one)
2. Blackhawk (the other good one)
3. Superman (tedious but occasionally interesting)
4. Wild Dog (this "Wild Pup" storyline is kind of weird)
5. Green Lantern (it's a train wreck)
6. Deadman (Mike Baron's script is wonky and Kelly Jones' art is only a shadow of what it becomes)

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Adj said...

Wow. Those costumes are like Perez bad.