Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DNR (11-24-10)

Teen Titans #79 - I loved Nicola Scott's work on Birds of Prey and moreso on Secret Six, where she's still sorely missed, so while I was attracted to the last issue of Teen Titans and the debut of the new creative team, I just wasn't enthused about it. That changed this issue with the addition of Damian Wayne/Robin to the team and I have to say JT Krul handled it perfectly, even if it's kind of incongruous as Damian isn't yet a teenager. The action of the issue was decent but Krul nailed the emotional aspects wonderfully and has a total bead on Damian's character. Going to stick with this for a little while at least.

Detective Comics #871 - Speaking of new creative teams, Scott (American Vampire) Snyder and Jock (the Losers) climb on board the figurehead title at DC and I have to say I'm surprised and a bit blown away. Snyder not only brings the "detective" back to the title, but he totally geeks out, seeding in plenty of nods to Dick Grayson's past as well as various DC stories (like Gotham Central). While Morrison's Batman and Robin was pretty great, I think Snyder may have an even better grip on Dick Grayson. I guess we'll see.

Batman and Robin #17 - Speaking of Morrison's Batman and Robin, well, it's no longer Morrison's Batman and Robin. It's Pete Tomasi's Batman and Robin, but due to some scheduling stuff, it' won't be for another three issues. In the interim it's Paul Cornell's Batman and Robin, and it's entertaining enough but Scott McDaniel's art looks terribly rushed (as it most likely was, since they were a last-minute filler creative team) and I'm not sure Cornell has Damian's voice right.

Batwoman #0 - Yes, it's pretty slight, but it's also pretty pretty. It's gorgeous, and I've always like the split-story issues like this. I'm sure DC was hoping to have this ready for the "Bruce Wayne: The Return Home" stuff last month where Bruce was spying on all his allies, because it certainly reads like it. There's lots of tiny nuggets for future Batwoman stories here, I particularly love the idea of Batwoman having her own "Robin" with her cousin (and former Titans West member?) Flamebird under her wing.

Captain America #612 - Prison fun for Bucky, while the politics and press of the situation are really bringing Steve Rogers down, man. If Brubaker pulls it off this will either be a fully rewarding tear-down and build-up of Bucky-Cap or a wacky cheese fest with America giving Buck a hug and a "we're sorry" at the end. Or Mephisto gets involved and makes everyone forget.

Justice League: Generation Lost #14 - As I pointed out in the not-review of Booster Gold last week, the Giffen Justice League often had Marvel analogs, and here Judd Winick presents a "Days of Future Past"-riff with Captain Atom time-jumping (probably the best aspect of his character, sparsely used since it was re-introduced in Armageddon 2001) to a future where OMACs replace the Sentinels. It's hands down the best issue of the series so-far, and sort of a great read on its own.

Avengers vs The Pet Avengers #2 - Last month I mentioned how straight this series played the talking animal thing, well, sadly, I must rescind because there's a horrendously groan-inducing sequence of Tony Stark-as-a-frog leaping "comedically" from one troubling situation to another. Too cute, Chris Eliopoulos, too cute.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4: Realm of Kings - In the scheme of my 30-years of reading comics, I've only *just* started to care about the Marvel cosmic (all started with Annihilation), but man I nearly spit my grilled cheese sandwich out my nose when Phylla-Vell cut Thanos out of that cocoon. Sad for the end of GOTG and Nova, but the big hardcover of the Thanos Imperative comes out in January and I'm totally ready.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Goodnight Gabbaland and
Yo Gabba Gabba: Gabba Ball - The aforementioned Chris Eliopoulos did the latter while J. Torres and Matthiew Loux write and draw the former, two 16-page board comics from Oni Press riffing on the delightful characters from the hipster-kiddie show. Hopefully we'll get Gooble in a subsequent book, because that sad ghost is hilarious.

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