Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Morning Would

Certain characters just give you the warm fuzzies.

I would write the ongoing adventures of Lady Cop for a handful of nickels and a ketchup packet. (Heinz)

I would buy a comic called Hawkman Team-Up where he'd simply team-up with his mace and beat the shit out of inanimate objects. Actually, that sounds like any Hawkman comic.

When it comes to Aquaman, I'm always good for at least six issues until I get mad at whoever's screwing up something so gloriously simple.

If I were an editor at Marvel, I would have Stingray just pop my books and just stand around and look awesome.

I can be something of a feminist and yet, I have a weird affection for The Inferior Five's Dumb Bunny. (Vertigo, come see me.)

I am a straight man who points at Lady Gaga and asks incredulously, "So, why doesn't anyone get Dazzler?"

I have an inexplicable like for things that others simply dismiss.

We all have them, characters that we love that seemingly, no else would. We would rescue them, in a heartbeat, from The Isle of Misfit Comics Ideas and build whole worlds of dialogue and lore around them.

Who are some of your favorite "below the radar" comics characters?


Anonymous said...

Space Cabby and Doiby Dickles. They should start a business together.

I also have an inexplicable affection for one-off Earth-2 characters, such as Halk Kar and Roh Kar (a Thorian and a Martian despite the same last name).

See if you can find the mid-nineties "Angel and the Ape" miniseries by Phil Foglio, which is as much about the Inferior Five as it is about AatA. A couple retcons that may or may not be in continuity, but I like them:

- Angel and Dumb Bunny are sisters or step-sisters.

- Sam Simian is the grandson of Gorilla Grodd (thus a continuity-friendly explanation of his minor mental powers).

Peter said...

Stingray! Yes! I always wanted to write a scene in which he's forcefully recruited into Alpha Flight.

"B-b-but, I'm not even Canadian!"
"Yeah sure ok. Then what's with the costume?"

But I'd love to see a title about Vigilante and the Shining Knight going around trying to put together a new 7 Soldiers together. Like Blues Brothers, except one's a cowboy and the other's a knight.

"'Tis 106 miles to Metropolis. We have my winged steed, your silver bullets, a Crisis is upon us, and we are Soldiers."

Bill D. said...

Lately, Hellcat. Between her own mini, Marvel Divas, and Models Inc., people have been telling some fantastic stories with Patsy both in and out of costume, making her maybe the most outright endearing character in the entire Marvel Universe, and yet no one seems to care.

Firestar, too, for that matter. Though she, too, was used to great effect in Divas, is getting a one-shot soon, and is allegedly the single most-pitched character from writers working for Marvel (I'm phrasing that weirdly - they supposedly get more pitches from writers for Miss Angelica Jones than any other character). So maybe that's changing?

Bill D. said...

Oh, and DC's Enchantress, in her early super hero form. The "switcheroo witcheroo" is such a goofy concept (and dopey nickname), but it's endearing in that lesser silver age DC way.