Monday, February 1, 2010

A Blatant Misuse of Company Time and Material

I, like most, get bored at work. Startlingly so, in fact. Idle hands, as they say, are the Devil's playthings, and I guess the Devil wants to retroactively erase marriages and also make me draw little cartoons, because when I'm bored, I doodle. Problem is, I only have access to the humblest of all papers while I'm only the clock; the lowly Post-It note.

I have made the Post-It my bitch.

Here is Thanos, wrecking shop with his magical glove of plot contrivance.
And King Shark, who wears stupid little legwarmers because he really liked Xanadu.
I honestly can't remember if Wildcat even has a tail. If he doesn't, he's less adorable than I thought.
On a related note, the other day I had to go to the Secret Question form to remind me of a lost password. The question was "what is Green Lantern's weakness?" and after plugging in "yellow," "the color yellow" and "blondes," it turned out I'd written "booze."
Remember when he built C-3PO? Good times.


Jon Hex said...

I really want that Thanos Post-it.

Rambo said...

Dude, that Vader is ridiculously good.

What are you using, paint markers?

Jon said...

Paint markers, Sharpies, whatever's handy. I am not picky. I have some that're watercolored, but those aren't on Post-Its.

Bill said...

I desire your artistic talents, sir. I am not ashamed to admit it.

P.S. word verification is 'endor' no joke.

Siskoid said...

Jon, I'd read a whole blasted post-it comic from you.

Graig Kent said...

Sweet moses! Jon, keep these coming man!

Tom said...

HA! These are great. You should definitely post more. Keep 'em coming.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Tom

He is. Check