Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Avenge or To Defend: U Decide!

Is it me or does The Avengers rosters feel more like a Defenders roster lately?


the HZA said...

Devon, can you elaborate on the current roster?

I saw Hank Pym, Jocasta and Scarlet Witch on the cover of the Avengers book I leafed though yesterday. I know there's an evil Avengers with Norman Osborn right now. Which roster do you mean, and who's on it?

--yes, I'm defeating the purpose of your one-line conversation starter. I am sorry.

Devon Sanders said...

I meant it more in a way of saying that the current roster feels like a seventies Defenders roster.

No Cap. No Iron Man. No Thor.

People have been clamoring for the return of Defenders mainstay, The Hulk to The Aveners roster.

Dr. Strange is on one of the teams.

People who Marvel sorta deemed too, I don't know, too "different" for The Defenders are now Avengers. (Luke Cage, Iron Fist)

It just feels weird to see some people under this particular Avengers banner is all.

ChrisM said...

I always thought of the New Avengers line up as sort of a variant on the first post-original Avengers team. Scarlet Witch, Quicklsilver, Hawkeye, Cap, etc.

A sort of weird team mix that isn't necessarily going to fight its way out of everything and doesn't *quite* have that "good family" vibe that say the FF or the 70s Avengers had.

The original Defenders were always about half a step away from complete dissolution (explosion) so I don't know if they're *quite* the same...

Still, an interesting comparison