Sunday, March 29, 2009

Detective: Comics

My life begins in a flash.

I am not of the water but I am of a lake.

Twice, I was there for the beginning.

I usually dispense pain and yet, I am the one to cry.

Captured and hunter, I am the same.



Nate said...

Molecule Man!

(and my word verification is nardsmo, you did that on purpose!)

Devon Sanders said...

@ Nate

Nope,(and I wish.)

Fraser said...

Black Canary? First appeared in Flash comics, modelled on Veronica Lake, there for the beginning of a JLA team twice, has a canary cry, was captured during the longbow hunters series.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Fraser

Black Canary is right!

Well done!

Fraser said...

Woo Hoo!!! Normally I haven't got a cluse with these!

Devon Sanders said...

@ Fraser

Although, the "hunter" part was in reference to being a member of Birds of Prey.