Saturday, March 14, 2009

Detective: Comics

I take to the air yet not under my own power.

When that wasn't enough, I took to the stars.

I play with fire yet it does not burn.

I have wrestled with demons and been shown a new way by an angel.

I have been lost to infinity yet I always know the time.



Anonymous said...

I am sticking to my theory that the answer to all these is Batman.

However, curiously enough, Hal Jordan fits this too: a pilot takes to the air but not under his own power, a power ring lets him fly to the stars, ring energy is "almost" fire, he wrestled with Parallax demons and was shown the way of redemption by the Phantom Stranger, he was lost for a while but always knows when his 24-hour charge is up (NOW RETCONNED).

Alan Scott works for at least some of this too: as a radio broadcaster he took to the air (though it technically was under his own power, since he owned the radio station and therefore paid the electric bill). And his ring more explicitly runs on fire than Hal's does. All of this in Gotham City, so we're right back to Batman.

Devon Sanders said...

@ KB

You're SO in the right neck of the woods but you're approaching the wrong house.

Anonymous said...

Larry Jordan / Air Wave?

Hal Jordan / Air Wave / Maser?

Uh, Bat-Kilowog?

Bill said...


Devon Sanders said...

@ Bill

No, but you're sort of in the right place.

Keith said...

I'm thinking more along the lines of Hourman. Most likely Rex Tyler.

Not sure how to get the first bit, other than he can't fly and was usually transported by those of his team that could.

He joined the All Star Squadron.

Fire in this case is the drug that gave him his power, Miraclo. It was addictive, and Rex, unlike his son, didn't seem to have the same side effects.

He fought against the addition, and was taught that his metagene could be tapped in other ways than Miraclo.

He was thought to be lost, several times most recently being stuck in the Timepoint, and knew exaclly how long he had left.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Keith

Great guess and explanations but no, not Hourman.

Time isn't a huge factor in this character's story but he does make his own time.

Marc S! Haines said...

Jack Knight, Starman

Devon Sanders said...

@ Marc

Nope, not Starman.

Man, when you all see who it is you're gonna be so like, "How did I miss those clues!"

BIG MIKE said...

Silver Surfer?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Mike

Great guess but nope. I will say your head is in the right place.

Jon Hex said...

Guy Gardner

Devon Sanders said...

@ Jon

Huh! No but I think your attitudinal thinking is in the right place.

Anonymous said...


Space Cabbie?

Their love child, Doiby Dickles?

dpuskas73 said...

Is it the Wendell Vaughn Quasar?

Devon Sanders said...


Not Quasar.

Right comic universe, though.

Anonymous said...

Surly space-faring Marvel male ... uh ... Adam Warlock? The strongest clue being lost to "Infinity" (Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, Infinity Telethon, etc.) and Quasar is probably the only other guy who has a strong Infinity connection (he thinks of Infinity as "the world's foxiest fairy godmother" ... eww).

Devon Sanders said...

To all:

This character did fight in some of the Infinity things and has enemies that use time but regardless, he knows what TIME it is.

JYD said...

Ben Grimm?

Devon Sanders said...


It's Clobberin' Time!!!!

Devon Sanders said...

Ben Grimm is a trained pilot and an astronaut.

Arguably, his best buddy is The Human Torch and their always horsing around.

He's been a wrestler and fought the minions of hell several times. He always considered his ex, Alicia, an angel.

He's fought time-based villains and as far as he's concerned, it's always clobberin' time.

BIG MIKE said...


Anonymous said...


And "lost to infinity" ... ?

JYD said...

I thought the 'lost to infinity' part was referencing his staying behind after Secret Wars.