Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Stacking the Deck

I don't make much money, no - I have a more-or-less pretend degree that makes potential employers look at me like I am at a tremendous risk of spending my days tracing my hand and then making little cartoon turkeys out of the resulting shape, so I'm currently doomed to retail - and I'm faintly sure Marvel knows that.

This week, Marvel has an astounding thirty-seven books coming out. This includes, but is not limited to, both Avengers books (or "all the Avengers books" if you count The Initiative as an Avengers book. And that would be very nice of you); Brubaker's Cap, Uncanny and Daredevil; Immortal Iron Fist; Millar's FF and 1985; Red freaking Hulk; both First Class books (not to mention the other X-book, Legacy); Whedon's last Runaways and Ellis' last Thunderbolts.

If their goal was to make me look at the new comic rack, look down at the ground, sigh heavily while thinking of my bank account, look towards Final Crisis #2 and think "I actually don't really give a damn about the New Gods being dead" before picking up basically all the Marvel books I typically buy monthly EXCEPT ALL IN ONE GODDAMN WEEK, well, mission accomplished, you assholes.


Daniel said...

No plan, just coincidence. You know it's going to be at least three months before all of these "monthlies'" next issues come out.

Now, if there had been a new "Ultimate Wolvering vs Hulk"...

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I don't think if Initiative as an Avengers book, I think of it as the Avengers book