Friday, June 13, 2008

The Return of 17 Questions And 1 Statement


1. If there's a cooler explanation for the Bottle City of Kandor, will you please let me know?

2. Dude, you do know that you don't mess with Superman's wife or brother-in-law, right?

3. Wanna see Clark Kent summed up in one page? (Page 11)

4. Was that General Zod being... heroic?

5. Would it be OK if artist Gary Frank stayed on Action Comics forever and ever and ever and ever and...?


6. All great thing have to eventually come to an end, right?

7. And didn't the ending just make so much sense?


8. With artist Kevin Maguire drawing nearly 22 pages of Batgirl and Catwoman fighting and 10 of them butt-naked, shouldn't we call this one the "Original Art For Sale" issue?


9. Why is Wonder Woman wearing metal underwear?

10. Why am I reading a Warlord comic in the pages of Wonder Woman and absolutely loving it?


11. Is everyone enjoying Kyle Rayner: Kick-Ass Green Lantern and The Green Lantern Corps as much as I am?

Don't you wish he didn't have to go through so much to have become such a bad-ass, though?


13. Can you imagine having to go through what Booster must be going through for a second time?

14. Doesn't the second-to-last page remind you of why we want him back so much?


15. "A Personal Best At Robot Smashing?"

16. Is Wonder Woman fighting The Sectaurs?

17. "No. I just wanted to finish it myself." Could Wonder Woman have possibly been a bigger bad-ass than in that one panel of Trinity #2?

18. "Alfred. I'm coming in by subway rocket. E.T.A. three minutes. Prepare The Cave. There's work to do." If I had one wish for my children it would be for them to have the opportunity to utter these words at least once in their lifetime.

On a sidenote:

The wind-up... THE PITCH!

I'd like to ask a small favor of you, do us a kindness Second Printing!! to your blogroll. We're kinda awesome (and cute) and I am unanimous in this, we're in this for the long haul.

On a personal note, writing with these guys has been a blast mainly because they're good people and secondly, I never know myself what Ben, Jon and Mike will come up with on any given day. They've come up golden every time and I want the word to get out that they're knocking it out of the park, day in, day out.

We're gonna stay awesome, we're gonna keep blowing your minds. We are, after all, men of experience. This is what we do.


Gyuss Baaltar said...

My gawd I love Gary Frank. He makes Clark simultaneously the best nebbish disguise ever, and still shows us that he's more Superman than you, even with glasses on.

I like this so much more than John Byrne's "Clark is a football letterman"

boztopia said...

I gave you love from jump on my blogroll, but I see no love returned. You know what must be done. :)

kingbeauregard said...

If it took Kyle this long (and this much trauma) to become a seasoned and kick-ass leader, it's because the original character design didn't lend itself to that: he was created with perpetual rookiedom in mind, his inexperience was at least half of the character hook. (The other was creating unnecessarily-elaborate constructs.) I imagine they didn't want Kyle to have Hal's problem of being too competent, so they made sure that Kyle would not blossom as a successful, confident, and respected leader for the longest time.

If only they'd simply chosen to write Kyle well, rather than impose perpetual rookieness upon him. Contrast with the Blue Beetle, who may be new at the game, but you don't look at him as "a rookie" so much as "an impressively quick study". Is Jaime Reyes going to get "too good"? It's an irrelevant concern, so long as he is well-written.

snell said...

Consider yourself blogrolled.

Bill D. said...

Added. It's great to have all you guys in one place now.

Nick said...

Added, and agree with bill d

Rob S. said...

You're on there.. been on there pretty much since the inception, actually...

Devon Sanders said...

Much appreciated, all.

Derek said...

Forgive my ignorance, but... Superman's brother-in-law? I didn't know Lois had a brother, and I can't seem to find him in the comic...

Also, no love for Gotham Underground? Penguin and Riddler being written with respect and not as jokes. Gotta love that.

Devon Sanders said...


You're thinking the wrong way.

Lois has a sister, Lucy, who's married to Ron Troupe.

As for Gotham Undeground, I don't much care for writer Frank Tieri's work and the artist is hit-or-miss with me.

Derek said...

Thanks for setting me straight.

I totally forgot Lois had a sister and never knew Lucy married Ron.