Monday, July 1, 2013

365 Comics...181: The Micronauts #20 (1980)

I love the cover to this book.  I wasn't ever much of a Micronauts fan (the toys were a few years before my time) and my only previous exposure to them was a single issue I had as a kid (#3 iirc).  Despite all the signs I didn't realize what the "micro" in Micronauts was referring to, nor the subtitle "they came from inner space".  I just never spent any time thinking about it and that one issue that I had didn't seem to tip the younger me off to their microscopic nature.  It really wasn't until seeing this issue's cover with the Micronuts and Ant-Man facing a horde of mutant bugs on a grocery store shelf that it came into perspective for me.  A real "aha, boy am I dumb" moment.

The cover is a true representation of what happens this issue and it's terrific fun, as can usually be expected from a Bill Mantlo script.  I'm not sure how often the Micronuts cross paths with the rest of the Marvel U but it makes them more interesting knowing they're a part of continuity.  Though given their size, I'm wondering how Bug joined with the Guardians of the Galaxy a few years back during various Annihilation adventures.  Reading the copyright notice it's interesting to note which of the characters are copyright of Mego (who owns Mego's copyrights these days anyway?) and by default which belong to Marvel.


Graig Kent said...

Ah, that would have been Micronauts The New Voyages #3

Graig Kent said...
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