Saturday, February 16, 2013

365 Comics...47: Storm Dogs #3 (2013)

I don't know if writer David Hine and artist Doug Braithwaite are actively giving Avatar the finger (since I refuse to see the movie) or if this is just a story they want to tell, sharing a central conceit but refusing to oversimplify things.  I love Storm Dogs.  Its got such a rich alien landscape explored through  political and racial tension as well as personal drama and intrigue.  It's all centered around a murder investigation but Hine and Braithwaite take the tropes and formulae of CSI and Law and Order and blow it into 72mm cinema-worthy storytelling.  It's still got action but it's not action-centric, this is full on, broad-scope storytelling.   The characters all have a history, they're not archetypes in any respect, and Hine each issue puts a character in focus in a backup profile to the story. He details some of the thoughts put into their creation as well as hints as to their backstory which may not get a chance to surface in-story.  Equally the political structure of intergalactic civilization as well as the planet Amaranth on which the story takes place fascinate me.  I am quite taken with this universe and some of these characters,to the extent that I'm hopeful for more of it beyond just this 6-part story. 

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