Friday, February 18, 2011

Versus: Superboy (DC Comics) Vs. Invincible (Image)

Neither has reached their potential.

Both are destined for great things.

Both could pulverize a mountain in a flourish.

Both are battle tested and battle hardened.

One is a clone of comicdom's greatest superhero, The Man Of Steel. He is also the clone of comicdom's greatest supervillain, Lex Luthor.

The other was a alien/human hybrid who was born to take over The Earth. He'd reeeally rather not, though.




Second Printers, YOU DECIDE!


Matt said...

It's rage issues with a question conscious versus a legacy case with fulfillment issues.

Rage trumps everything, all the time. Invincible wins in a bloody, bloody landslide.

samax said...

Yeah, once Invincible realizes he has no other choice (and after taking a helluva pounding) he punches Superboy's heart out... literally!

the HZA said...

Long after all of Kirkman's fans have been driven away by his excesses, Superboy will still be standing. He'll come back from the dead to win this fight, if need be.