Monday, February 21, 2011

Versus: Big Barda (DC Comics) Vs. Valkyrie (Marvel Comics)

The fight enters it's second hour.

Fifteen minutes ago, Omega Rod and sword were thrown down in favor of fists.

Each fist landing impacts with the sound of a body thrown to the ground from a great height and yet, they will not stop.

Who will fall first?




Second Printers, YOU DECIDE!


the HZA said...

Both are essentially gods. If you want to argue that one is less than godlike, you can argue the same thing about the other.

Both are consummate warriors. Both love them some battle. It's a great match-up.

I give this one to Barda, on account of her creator.

--kirby ftw

Joseph said...

HZA, I was vacillating between these two, with the strongest argument for Barda being that she was a Kirby creation. But I will cast my vote for Valkyrie based on nothing more than the fact that I've read more comics featuring her and the fact that she has a better song.

Eyz said...

Two kickass ladies!
As strong and god-like Valkyrie may be, I think I'll go with Barda on this one, if for anything, her "education" and experience alone would give her the upperhand.

MAC VALEN said...

BARDA all the way ,val is good barda has her by strength skill an invurnability..endurance an plus the mega rod is beast