Friday, October 30, 2009

Silver Linings-UPDATED!!!

In the DC Universe, we all know who's the greatest of any one thing:

SHAZAM! is The World's Mightiest Mortal.

The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive.

Batman, The World's Greatest Detective.

So what happens when you're second to the best? Where's your recognition?

We here at Second Printing respect the technique needed to stand out in a universe full of "bestest" of any one thing. Yes, we celebrate it!

With Batman, undoubtedly, being the greatest martial artist of The DC Universe,... Wait for it....

So, in a rolling feature, much like DETECTIVE: COMICS, we'll ask you the loyal reader to decide the second best, starting with:


Feel free to explain why you came to your decision in the "COMMENTS" section.





the HZA said...

Firstly, I do not think Batman is the greatest martial artist in the DCU.

Secondly, I selected Lady Shiva because the mark of distinction for most of the candidates listed above is the ability or potential to beat Shiva one-on-one. This makes her a fairly obvious choice for a #2 spot.


Devon Sanders said...

And Batman has beaten her, consistently.

So, number two it is.;)

Bill said...

I didn't vote because Karate Kid from Legion wasn't on the list. Karate Kid for #2!

BIG MIKE said...

Yeah, if Karate Kid had been on there I would've voted for him.

However, I can't think of anyone on that list who could take down Black Canary... the only possible exception being Lady Shiva.

Devon Sanders said...

I was going to include Karate Kid, initially but I wanted to keep it to who is as opposed to who will be the world's greatest martial artist. Karate Kid isn't even around for another 1,000 years.

I'm going about it like this:

If we did a "Who is the DC Universe's best brawler," Jonah Hex would be a major contender but due to his being dead, he's ineligible for inclusion.

BIG MIKE said...

Devon... Batman is dead too :)

David said...

What? No Cheshire?

Nate said...

Hey! Jonah Hex is the baddest brawler in a post apocalyptic future too!

While also being a stuffed body in a warehouse in the future.

Graig Kent said...

I think at many points in the 1990s it was established that Shiva was the best martial artist alive (I'd have to check the first Robin mini series)... I seem to have the recollection of even Batman saying that she was better than he was but my memory has never been tops.

Devon Sanders said...

Back when Chuck Dixon was writing Detective, Green Arrow, Birds of Prey and Robin, he wrote a storyline where the world's greatest martial artists werepittes against one another.

If I recall correctly, Batman opted out saying basically, "Seriously, I'm Batman. I won already."

it came down to Connor Hawke and Shiva with CH winning and with Batman declaring Connor a target for villains for the rest of his life.

Peter said...

that storyline sounds awesome. What was it called and was it ever collected?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Peter

It was called, "The Brotherhood of The Fist" and unfortunately was never collected.