Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comic Book Oasis: Power Pack Day One

While we may seem down on the hobby from time-to-time, there's no doubt that we love it and good things are happening.

I thought I'd bring you a new feature here on Second Printing!! called Comic Book Oasis. The Comic Book Oasis is exactly what it sounds like. It is bits of green in an arid Secretly-Finally-Invaded-Crisis landscape.

Yesterday, I picked up Power Pack Day One and if there's a comic that captures the thrill of comics more, I haven't found it. I was just utterly charmed. I'm not here to review it or anything, that's what I and Graig do over at Rack Raids (plug).

No, brothers and sisters, I am here to tell you that a comic that allows for the youngest daughter, Katie to have a little stuffed pony that comes to life, whisking the four Power children to fight for the fate of our universe is aces in my book.

This book has it all. Third oldest Jack explaining the three reasons you should be his friend, an artist in Gurihiru that draws kids that look like kids, a freakin' appearance from the awesomely attired Guardsman and X-Men: First Class artist Colleen Coover and writer Fred Van Lente explaining in wonderful kids-speak just how the Power kids powers work.

Oh, and did oldest Power Packer Alex tell you about that time in the fall they teamed up with The Legion of Monsters and got codenames?

No, but that's another story for another day.

It is my belief that if Power Pack were originally presented as a pure children book, with hardback binding and all, it would today, be hailed as a children's book classic.

Be good to yourself, pick up Power Pack Day One and if you're wondering whether you should pick up another of the myriad blockbuster crossovers, don't.

Pick up Power Pack Day One. You deserve to have some fun.


ticknart said...

Follow the man's advice. Lots of fun and very funny.

mavericstud1 said...

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