Monday, September 22, 2008

Ask Away

As most of you Second Printers know I like bringing a little bit of my life into this blog. I talk about my apartment, about my love for the Cubs (well, I did on Those Wednesdays), heck I have even brought you into my bathroom. Other writers here have done the same, look at Jon Carey who put his girlfriend and her confusion over both Final Crisis and Secret Invasion up for some of the best posts I think have been put up here. I mean they were funny and they had just that right spark of our non-comic worlds to bring us all closer together but were enough about comics to be pertinent.

So we all got together and decided as a way to celebrate passing our five month mark (yesterday, excellent, excellent) we would hold a little quiz. But not quizzing us - oh no. Instead, some of us, or should I say our significant others, have offered to take a quiz on comic knowledge. But that is not it, oh no. Also taking the quiz is Devon's nephew! So we will have a sort of “How much nerdiness have you learned through osmosis” mixed with “Are you smarter than a third grader.” It’s going to be awesome because, while I love my wife and she once spent an evening letting me tell her what each of the color squares on a Heroclix dial meant, I am banking on the kid.

So here is where you come in loyal Second Printers. You get to come up with the questions. Now a word of caution, these are non-comic readers and a child so no “Who did Spider-Man punch in issue #173.” That won’t lead to funny nor correct answers. However, I found it amusing when I asked my wife what color Dr. Doom’s cape was and she said, “Purple,” but I am kind of a nerd like that. We’re talking basic info here. We’ll spend a couple days taking questions. Then we’ll get to quizzing and put the answers up.




Bill said...

"Where do Spider-man's webs come from?"

"Who killed Superman?"

"What is Magneto the master of?"

"What holiday does Luke Cage think is sweet?"

Patrick C said...

How many Robins have there been?

Who is Green Arrow married to?

How far into the future are the Legion of Super-Heroes?

What is Aquaman's real name?

Anthony Strand said...

How about:

"What is Robin's real name?"

"What is The Thing made of?"

"What was the name of the 'Justice' superhero team from the 1940s?"

lou said...

What is the Thing's favorite 'time'?

What mood do you not want to see Bruce Banner in?

What animal does Mary Jane Watson like to call Peter Parker/Spider-Man?

How many claws does Wolverine have?

kingbeauregard said...

"When Billy Batson says 'Shazam', he gains the attributes of six legendary figures. Which figures, what attributes?"

"Who was the model for Captain Marvel's face?"

"Where do Superman's powers come from?"

(This offers the opportunity to explain how his powers changed over time -- how originally he was simply a very strong and sturdy guy because Kryptonians were more highly evolved than humans. While this info is too obscure to be common knowledge, it is an interesting story.)

Ken Cox said...

Folks, you are expecting WAY too much from non-comics readers. Most people don't know there has been more than 1 Robin, and most have never even heard of Captain Marvel, Green Arrow, or Luke Cage.

"What is Superman (or The Batman or Spider-Man)'s secret identity?"

"What city does Superman (or The Batman) call home?"

"What is the only thing that hurts Superman?"

"What is the name of Superman (or Spider-Man)'s girlfriend?"

"Name Superman (or The Batman)'s archenemy."

SallyP said...

I would have to say Superman's origin story. EVERYONE should know that.

And just to be interesting, what HASN'T Hal Jordan been hit in the head with?

JYD said...

What weekly comic does Judge Dredd regularly appear in?

What is Alfred's surname?

Who is Cable?

Who is/was Steve Rogers?

What does "THWIP" mean?

Harvey Jerkwater said...

If we're assuming that the people have a rudimentary knowledge of the characters from other media...

"What is Captain America's weapon of choice?"
Correct answer: cutting sarcasm.

"Which super-group is from the distant future: the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Legion of Super-Heroes, or the Justice Society?"
Correct answer: Trick question. The super-group in question is the Traveling Wilburys.

"What is Doctor Doom's real name?"
Correct answer: Victor 'Skeeter' Von Doom.

"What color pants does the Hulk always wear?"
Correct answer: The most fashionable color for that year, daahling.

Nate said...

Power Pack: Great superteam or greatest superteam?

Do superheros ever kill? (correct answer excerpts the 90's and is post Infinite Crisis)

What comes with great power?