Friday, March 4, 2016

In "Yes, just...effing...YES!" news...

I picked up a copy of All-New Classic Captain Canuck #0 today (or rather I had someone pick it up for me) not realizing that it was just a collection reprinting the Ed Brisson-written back-up features from the first six modern Captain Canuck issues released by Chapter House.  I have to say I was a might disappointed until I turned to the inside back page to discover...this:

They're publishing Danny Zabbal's Sorcery (now retitled Life, Death and Sorcery because it's unlikely someone hasn't already done a comic or have "Sorcery" trademarked) as a quarterly series.  This is absolutely THE best news.  After picking up a copy of the first volume that Zabbal self-published I couldn't help but rave about it (that is actually my quote in the ad there).  I wanted more instantly, or at the very least some guarantee that Zabbal would continue this brilliantly written and illustrated time-travel fantasy-drama.  Now we know Zabbal can continue, and even if I have to wait until the end of the year for new material I'll still buy the republished material because I earnestly loved it so much.

This is the best news.  It truly is.  I'm so happy for Danny, but even happier for me who gets to read this stuff.

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