Friday, May 7, 2010

Detective: Comics

I was the first but three truly was my magic number.

When given a test, I'll ace it on my first try.

Gotham is my home but I've left it behind.



David said...


Devon Sanders said...

Nope. :)

ChrisM said...

I'm guessing the Golden Age Green Lantern

-The magic lantern bestowed power on the 3rd glow.
-He's always "tested" by reciting the oath (yeah this one's a stretch)
-he used to live in Gotham

Devon Sanders said...

@ Chris

Great guess but not GL.

Peter said...

I'm going to say Bette Kane.

1. The first Batgirl but she's the third Flamebird, which is the identity she's had for most of her existence.

2. Ace is a tennis term, and Bette is a tennis player.

3. She originally was from Gotham but they moved her to the West coast.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Peter

Great reasoning but not who I'm thinking about.

the HZA said...

Booster Gold, because...

1) He's not a legacy hero, he's the first Booster Gold. However, he had three different stages of his career - beginning in the 1980s as Booster Gold, faking his death and returning as Supernova in "52", and becoming a behind-the-scenes time travel restoration hero in his most recent series.

2) He joined the Justice League by taking down the Royal Flush Gang single-handed, which was a test provided by Maxwell Lord and enforced by Batman. When the Gang's killer android Ace beat the rest of the League, Booster and Beetle teamed up for the first time ever to defeat him.

3) Booster's originally from a future Gotham where he grew up poor and played football or some kind of future football with jet boots or something.

Devon Sanders said...

And the answer is: Booster Gold!

He was the first post-Crisis hero In the DCU.

He first appeared in Justice League #3 and that where most people discovered him and where he became the Booster we know to this day.

In that issue, he took on The Royal Flush Gang where we found out it was a test conceived by Max Lord and who was the RFG's heavy hitter? Ace.

And yeah, Booster was originally from Gotham.

So, HZA, I have rare Booster Gold #1 variant waiting for you, if you want it.