Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess Who's Justice League....


ChrisM said... you know something? I know Starfire was set to be in the new Robinson JLA..

Devon Sanders said...

In one of DC's new house ads they revealed the new JLA line-up:

Hal Jordan
Batman (Dick Grayson)
Green Arrow
Congorilla (sigh)
Donna Troy
Doctor Light
The Atom (Ray Palmer)
The Guardian


Eric said...

Man, that's a weird cast. You've got three next generation characters in (Batman, Starfire, and Cyborg) in, while one that's been being built up since the title began (Red Arrow) is swapped out for his older mentor (Green Arrow). Then, as if Hal isn't in enough stuff to begin with, he's in JLA instead of any of the other underexposed Earth Lanterns. And Ray Palmer instead of Ryan Choi? Looks like they're trying to walk that change back (or did they already kill Choi or something? I stopped reading Atom when Simone left and didn't read Cry for Justice.)

Then Mon-El and Donna Troy are in as Superman and Wonder Woman analogues. Superman's in space, so Mon-El kind of makes sense, though I wish they'd bring back the Archie Legion costume. I haven't ever read Wonder Woman, so is there a reason she's not in instead of Donna Troy?

Then 3 pet characters (Congorilla, Dr. Light, and Guardian), which seems about standard now. I'm not counting Starfire and Cyborg here because they seem to be like 2 J'onn J'onnzz equivalents (Starfire the alien and Cyborg the strong strategist heart of the team thing).

Why no speedster?

ChrisM said...

Interesting. You've got layers to the team. I think that'll be an interesting place for a writer to start with. You've got veterans, grown up kids, and some oddballs.

I think Robinson is writing this? I will follow and see where it leads...

I kinda like the Congorilla being written in Cry for Justice. At least a little more then the blue Starman. Sorry that there won't be a Shazam on the team tho'..

Rob S. said...

Now I'm cracking up... "Who's got no thumbs and in the JLA? This guy!"

Well, no biological thumbs, anyway...

ChrisM said...

I assume you're talking about Congorilla? All primates have thumbs, especially big golden, magic ones!

And yes..they are biological thumbs.

Graig Kent said...

Was reading DiDio talking about JLA and he said they were looking at the massive JLA with alternating cast, so a roster involving 30+ characters, using as many characters as needed, including characters from Titans, Outsiders, etc.

I'm guessing the "floating heads roll call" will be appearing at the beginning of each issue, too.

Seriously, though, they couldn't have let McDuffie do this? That's exactly what JLU was.

Rob S. said...

No, I meant Cyborg's thumbs aren't biological. They're mechanical.